Thursday, July 13, 2006

Total war medieval 2

In November 2006 will be a great day for those hopeful dictators and warlords to rewrite history in one of the most anticipated real-time strategy games of all time.
Not only does it look stunning, now the armies look incredibly detailed and varied in battle mode the battles look more realistic and spectacular from what I can see it will be legendry.

We will be able to control one of 20 countries this time, in the last medieval game I tried to convert the whole of Europe to the Islam (which was very difficult) but great fun. The good new is the artificial intelligence has been improved, this means bloodier battles, and greater tactical awareness on the battlefield, and in the form of diplomacy taking place on the risk style map of the world, you will need to rely on forming partnerships with other nations if you’re going to survive.

One of eye candy elements I’ve missed and glad it has been reintroduced was the reveal success or failure assassination animation. for example you could follow your ninja creeping and killing guard on his way into a warlords home to carry out your orders, he’s looking unstoppable and professional you’re thinking why have I wasted time buying an army and when I got this guy then his goes and tripping on a mat and stabbing himself in the neck or something like that, hey it was a long time ago back in 2000 but I it’s a little thing but I though it made the game more appealing and engaging.

Well its looks like a winner they seem to be improving this game on each release.

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