Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Kalis Ilustrisimo

I'm devoting this entry to the FMA of Kalis Ilustrisimo, I've been doing this now for five months and really enjoy it, its an honor to be trained by a excellent teacher Shamim Haque, the club its self is really friendly and now starting to feel like a extended family. Last Sunday was the British Championship 2006 (WEKAF) we had a few guys enter including two WEKAF world champion medallists on hand but we didn't do to good and I didn't enter looking back on it I should have but still need to to do work on my fitness, I'm going to enter the British novices that is happening in 4 months time so I will keep to updated.

I've created a forum which can be found here: Kalis forum
I've also uploaded a few off the video footage of the ours guys in action on Sunday, this can be found here: Video

***Breaking News***
Kali Seminar Flyer

Kalis Ilustrisimo Seminar
MAY 20 & 21 May 2006
Time : 10 am - 3pm

Multiplex Center
1005 Fifth Street
Wichita Falls
TX 76302

Cost :
$75 for One Day.
$80 at the door.
$150 for Two Days.
$175 at the door for Two Days.

The seminar will be in the US, in Texas.

This is Guru Shamim's First Seminar in the US.

For More information please call Guru James Thornton (940)642-4112
or email

Feel free to download this flyer


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