Monday, July 24, 2006

V for Vienetta

It too hot and want ice cream now! Ok I will just stick to coffee then.
I recently watch V for vendetta, which I though was quite good, but could not help thinking every time V spoke I had the face of rowan Atkinson which wouldn’t have been a bad thing, the voice of V was like Blackadder 2 when he had to impersonate a dead prisoner with a bag over his head.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

London Protest

It was a really good turn out today over 10,000 people came to protest at genocide of the Palestinian and Lebanese people if you needed convincing to get of your backside and do something about it then look at this website FromIsraeltoLebanon just read a really good artical Hezbollah, Hamas and Israel: Everything You Need To Know.

How good is it telling a policeman to go and fuck himself, well if you haven’t and you want to know? Well, it feels really good! this happened on our way home trying to cross a empty road after leaving hype park corner, we left the protest after listening to the speaker from the Jewish socialist movement it was around 4 o’clock and we have been walking all day and standing for 6 hours so we were getting tired and hungry, thus we decided to get going, the first thing was to try and figure out a strategy home, we decided to walk to Tottenham court road and get the bus. As we started to cross the empty road outside of the park with the protest directly behind us, we heard a voice “you cant cross here” from a policeman my first thought was that the roads where blocked off, but then realised it wasn’t so I replying ok and I carried on walking clearly he knew where we just came from, why the hell is he stopping us, he stated that the road will be open to the traffic soon, but at the moment its wasn’t he want us to walk down the underpass situated away from the direction we are walking to, my brother called him a 'pig' to his face as well as my input what the hell we cant cross road now, what was he going to do arrest us, well it wouldn’t surprised me they didn’t hold us on terrorism charges for cross a road.

Hearing the speakers was a refreshing after being bombarded by bias news reports it was a good mix of people from different parties and backgrounds all with the same message, stop Israel from continuing this massacre and why is Blair a pet for George ‘planet of the apes’ Bush one that was interesting to hear was George Galloway starting with the anniversary of the bombing of the King David hotel and then stating that we could be arrested under British law when we declare that Hezbollah are freedom fighters and we support them. That is pretty mental to think about we could be arrested for saying that, well I remember something similar with the ANC [African National Congress] being a terrorist group.

The response from us wasn’t wholly at the policeman but what he represents, it was an emotional reaction to what my government is doing, and they are not representing me, I don’t support the killing.

Save the Lebanese Civilians Petition



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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Yo Blair!

Listening to the coverage of the genocide of the Palestinians by American backed Israel watch pictures of buildings flatten to dust the ever growing humanitarian crisis, the bias new reports either directly or cleverly using the quotes of Bair, Bush or the Israel government stating this rockets of Hezbollah started this conflict and the taking ‘prisoner’ three of their soldiers, what’s not reported is the truth this began with the free elections back in January finally democracy in the middle east but it was not the wrong sort of democracy, the Palestinians voted for Hamas the United States at once announced that they were going to punish the people of Palestine for voting the wrong way. And the punishment has been severe, starting with the holding of funds and now the destruction of the infrastructure, water and electrical power.
Next came the shelling and abducted of two Gaza cililans take to Israel not knowing their fate, this is the reason that Hezbollah are wanting an exchange of prisoners, but the abducted Israeli soldier Corporal Gilad Shalit. And that's well known; first abduction is not. Then followed the escalation of Israeli attacks on Gaza, which I don’t have to repeat. It’s reported on adequately.
But this is a part of Israel’s bigger plan they can reinforce the annexation program, and described often as a “withdrawal,” but in fact it’s a formalization of the program of annexing the valuable lands, most of the resources, including water, of the West Bank and imprisoning it, since he also announced that Israel would take over the Jordan Valley. Well, that proceeds without extreme violence or nothing much said about it.
Now today the mass propagated accusation in the media of Iran and Syria have supplied Hezbollah with the arms to fight back, my answer is so what, so what if it is true, America as provided Israel with the latest weaponry why is this seen as wrong, it only wrong if your bias towards an Israeli stand point. The finger pointing is a interesting development aiding anti-Iranian propaganda on the global stage.

To show your outrages of this massacre please if you’re in London come along to this
London Demonstration: Saturday 22 July Assemble Embankment 12 Noon
this is also taking place in Manchester; Edinburgh and Glasgow on the same day.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Journey: to building a killer games Rig

Hi, i building a new computer to replace my current P4 300 PC, in the coming months i take you through the journey step by step on my quest to build a new computer below 600 pounds that will play the lastest games coming out.

The research:
first thing the spec for the rig:

CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ socket 939 Dual Core 2.2ghz 512k OEM £205.55
RAM OCZ Value 1GB DDR400 PC3200 CL 3-4-4-8 £56.39
Asus Socket 939 A8N-SLI SE SOUND/LAN 2000MT/s £56.33
GFX Card
BFG 7600GT (OC) PCI-E Graphics Card £149.95
OCZ 450W Powersupply with 120mm Fan £29.98
Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 200GB U100 £48.49
Coolermaster Centurion 5 With Blue Trim - No PSU £34.98

Total: 582.66

Low prices on nVidia and ATi graphics cards with next day delivery

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Take ‘The Israel Challenge’ and Help Margaret Beckett See The Light

"The Israel Challenge"

- Turn off your power supply at the mains

- Turn off your water supply at the mains

- Stop using all forms of transportation

- Stop going to work, school or college

- Reduce your food intake to a minimum and eat sporadically

- Ask your neighbour to play loud music all through the night

Do this until we tell you to stop!

If you take the challenge, you will have some idea of the conditions faced by thousands of Gazans right now.

Help Margaret Beckett See The Light!!

If you can't stomach the 'Israel Challenge', then we ask you to send a tealight/candle to Foreign Minister Margaret Beckett now, asking her to forward it to the people of Gaza. She has refused to condemn the Israeli attack against Gaza – maybe thousands of tealights will make her see the light.

The Rt. Hon. Margaret Beckett

Foreign Secretary

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

King Charles Street

London SW1A 2AH


Sample letter to the Foreign Offcie to be sent with the candles:

Dear Rt. Hon. Margaret Beckett, Foreign Secretary

During the early hours of 28 June 2006, the Israeli Occupation Force launched a ground offensive into Gaza. As part of the assault, the Israeli Air Force attacked three bridges and the Gaza City power station, cutting power to much of the area.

The transformer station is also used to help pump water. As the power has been severed, the water cannot be pumped and Gazans are unable to access water. As a result, some 860,000 residents in Gaza are currently without electricity and running water.

The situation is further exacerbated by the use of sonic booms, whereby low flying planes break the sound barrier over Gaza to fulfill Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's order that no one should be able to sleep at night in Gaza.

The Israeli army has seized half of the democratically elected government and a quarter of the elected MPs inside the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

According to The Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network (Pengon):

The public health and safety and environmental hazards stemming from the damage caused to infrastructure as a result of this military operation include:

- water shortages

- contamination of any remaining drinking water

- uncontrolled discharge and flow of untreated sewage in the streets, resulting in groundwater pollution

- pollution of agricultural land which Gazans will be unable to cultivate to harvest crops, negatively impacting their earning power

- damage to marine life as untreated wastewater flows into the sea

- migration of fish to other parts of the coast, resulting in a reduction in the number of fish caught and, concomitantly, money earned by Gazan fishermen

- direct exposure to untreated wastewater in open systems

- indirect human health risks due to the consumption of polluted crops and fish

- an increase in waterborne acute and infectious diseases as a result of additional viruses, bacteria and protozoa in the water.

These are likely to cause serious illnesses ranging from gastroenteritis and cholera to liver failure and death.

Once again the British Government remains silent in the face of the latest round of collective punishment inflicted on the people of the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Please forward this candle to the people of Gaza as a token of my support during this current crisis.

Please can you also assure me that the British government will:

- Immediately work for the restoration of EU aid to the Palestinian authority.

- Demand that Israel ends it blockade and restore Palestinian taxes to the Palestinian Authority.

- Demand that Israel ceases all military action in the Occupied Territories.

- Apply pressure through the United Nations for Israel to respect the UN resolutions requires its withdrawal from the territories it illegally occupied in 1967.

- Demand the release of all elected Palestinian officials held by Israel and a program for the release of all prisoners held in violation of international law.

Yours sincerely:





More information/actions to be taken.

Emergency in Palestine - Israel holds an entire nation hostage

The Israeli government's assault on the Palestinian people has reached a new and terrifying level.

Israel has:

. Imposed a brutal blockade on the Palestinians, resulting in deliberate starvation . Destroyed Gaza's water and electricity supplies, creating death and disease . Destroyed vital bridges and roads . Killed 51 Palestinians including 20 children in June 2006 alone . Imprisoned 10,000 Palestinian political prisoners including 100 women and 300 children . Arrested half the elected government and a quarter of elected MPs

The government of Israel must:

. Stop violating international law and UN resolutions . End the collective punishment of the Palestinians . Stop the shelling and bombing of Gaza . End its illegal occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem and remove its settlements . Respect the right of the Palestinians to a viable independent state . Respect the right of return of refugees . Dismantle its illegal apartheid wall built on stolen Palestinian land

We desperately need a targeted response from all in this current emergency.


We ask you to call your MP now and arrange to meet him/her asap.

MPs must insist Israel end its aggression against Gaza now and abide by international law. It has been over a week and our Foreign Office has not condemned Israel's continued attack on Gaza or raised the issue of this act of collective punishment being against international law.

Britain has an arms trade agreement with Israel and these weapons are being used against Palestinians right now in Gaza - we must demand Britain end this agreement.

The British government must condemn the war crimes of the Israeli government.

To find your MPS telephone number go to


If you are in the constituency of Kim Howells or Margaret Beckett please call us now so we can discuss specific actions at their surgeries.

Call 020 7700 6192.


Contact your MEPs to call for EU funding to be fully reinstated to the Palestinian Authority.

To find your MEP go to


Crisis Fund

PSC urgently need funds to respond appropriately during this current emergency. We want to do media adverts etc. We urge you to have collections at local meetings, mosques, churches and other places of worship and help the PSC to campaign effectively during such emergencies. Donations can be made by card - so if you have a collection or would like to make an individual donation PLEASE CALL US NOW on 020 7700 6192 in order to make a card payment.


During this crucial time we all need to monitor the media and ring immediately to complain when clear pro-Israeli bias is being used to misrepresent the situation.

For media contacts go to


Palestine Solidarity Campaign




Tel: 020 7700 6192

Fax: 020 7609 7779



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Total war medieval 2

In November 2006 will be a great day for those hopeful dictators and warlords to rewrite history in one of the most anticipated real-time strategy games of all time.
Not only does it look stunning, now the armies look incredibly detailed and varied in battle mode the battles look more realistic and spectacular from what I can see it will be legendry.

We will be able to control one of 20 countries this time, in the last medieval game I tried to convert the whole of Europe to the Islam (which was very difficult) but great fun. The good new is the artificial intelligence has been improved, this means bloodier battles, and greater tactical awareness on the battlefield, and in the form of diplomacy taking place on the risk style map of the world, you will need to rely on forming partnerships with other nations if you’re going to survive.

One of eye candy elements I’ve missed and glad it has been reintroduced was the reveal success or failure assassination animation. for example you could follow your ninja creeping and killing guard on his way into a warlords home to carry out your orders, he’s looking unstoppable and professional you’re thinking why have I wasted time buying an army and when I got this guy then his goes and tripping on a mat and stabbing himself in the neck or something like that, hey it was a long time ago back in 2000 but I it’s a little thing but I though it made the game more appealing and engaging.

Well its looks like a winner they seem to be improving this game on each release.

Go and buy it from GAME PREORDER for PC £29.99 Total war medieval 2

Buy Shogun: Total War from CD WOW! for PC £5.25

Buy from Medieval 2: Total War PC £24.99

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Refused enty into the Transformers guild

Refused entry into the Transformers guild

Just got an email stating
“you have signed up for a webmaster account for Transformers, i cannot
approve you until you remove the illegal image of Bumblebee from your
site. this image is stolen from the set and copyright material.
please remove it from your site ASAP.
thank you”

No thank you, well they just confirmed that the offending picture posted

This is now comfired authentic, which is pretty cool I say.

Watch three episodes of the Transformers: generation one DVD, I was about 8 to 10 when I first watched Transformers on the TV, me and my brother use to tape the series in order of 10 minute segments each Saturday on wacaday. You do watch crap when you’re a kid! Anyway I loved Transformers, when my brother and were kids I got Soundwave and by brother went for Optimus Prime. And they refused me as a web master for Transformer news, can you believe it! Well if your look for a copy try

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos

In the up coming months there will be some unbelievable games coming out, we have Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (i was one of the first to annouce it back in May) check this post Call of duty 3 for First-Person Shooter and the new Unreal tournement. Check out the Cinmatic Trailer for Warhammer, there are some in-play videos. My first impressions of it, it play like Age of Empires 3 but thats no bad thing, as long as its not like Lorg of the Rings: battle for Middle Earth, which was pants!



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Monday, July 10, 2006

TransFormers test footage

not sure if this is for real but it still looks pretty sweet!

ILM CGI Transformer Footage

Transformers CGI Test


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TransFormers set picture

Transformers set picture

This is a set picture of the forthcoming Transformers film it looks like its the first glimpse of the car in partial transformation of Bumblebee a Chevy Camaro.

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Call of Duty 3

If you havent seen the trailer for the up coming game for all you FPS fans this is a must, veiw it here: Call of Duty 3 trailer

You can pre-order it from for the 360 or for the up coming Playstation 3.

It looks like its going to be faithful to the brand.


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